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Practice Areas

The attorneys of Annen Roetter, LLC practice a variety of civil areas of law effecting families and the elderly in Madison and throughout the State of Wisconsin, including (1) the family law areas of adoption, surrogacy & assisted reproduction, guardianship, divorce, custody and support, (2) the legal issues affecting our elderly, such as elder law, estate planning, probate and trusts, and special needs trusts, and (3) legal issues affecting same sex couples in Wisconsin. If you would like to read more about any of these practice areas, please select from the list below:



Annen Roetter, LLC works closely with many adoption agencies, the Wisconsin administrator for the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children and the guardian ad litem to ensure that all parties are working together for you.
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Surrogacy & Assisted Reproduction

Intended parents, surrogates and those who wish to assist others in family formation through sperm, egg or embryo donation are well represented at Annen Roetter.
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Divorce, Custody, and Child Support

Annen Roetter provides services in all areas of family law. During this difficult period of your life, please allow us to assist you in resolving your financial, custody and placement issues.
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Elder Law

Sometimes families are confronted with the issue of a loved one who may not be able to live independently due to health and safety issues, or a loved one may be receiving government benefits receive assets which place their government benefits at risk.
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Estate Planning

The ability to direct the disposition of assets at your death is an important issue for many people and there are many other issues to consider including guardianship of minor children, trusts, tax planning, special issues of second marriages or for unmarried couples.
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The attorneys at Annen Roetter, LLC have a vast amount of experience with all types of guardianships, for both children and adults.
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All families are welcome at Annen Roetter, LLC. We have experience in counseling gay and lesbian clients on their family formation questions, their estate and life planning and in addressing other legal needs.
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Probate and Trust Administration

When a loved one passes away, the process of administering their assets can be cumbersome, complex and stressful. Taxes, debts and even just the process can be daunting. Annen Roetter, LLC can help make the process easier.
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Real Estate

If you are buying or selling real estate, with or without a realtor, it’s always good to know what your legal rights and responsibilities entail. At Annen Roetter, LLC we can coordinate and collaborate with your realtor and/or closing company to make the transition smooth for you.
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Special Needs

Whether you are an individual who has received or is receiving assets which could jeopardize your government benefits or a relative or close friend contemplating giving or leaving assets to some receiving government benefits or may receive government benefits in the future, you need someone with experience to assist you.
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Veterans have provided a great service to our country and we want to make sure they get all the benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs to which they are entitled.
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