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There are many reasons that a guardianship might be necessary and the attorneys at Annen Roetter, LLC have a vast amount of experience with all types of guardianships.


Sometimes, parents are simply not able to care for their children and a third-party is necessary to assist the child and family. In other situations, a child with special needs will be an adult soon and a guardianship is necessary to ensure that the child will have someone who can guide them through adulthood in a respectful, cared for manner. And, sometimes, an adult is simply not able to make decisions for themselves.

If you or someone you love needs a guardian, you will be well served by the experienced attorneys at Annen Roetter, LLC. Both Attorney Jennifer E. Annen and Attorney Theresa L. Roetter have handled hundreds of guardianship cases. At one time or another, they have represented the person seeking guardianship, the person opposed to guardianship, the proposed ward and have served as guardian ad litem for a proposed ward during the initial guardianship proceeding and during periodic reviews of that guardianship. We’ve also helped with accountings and annual reviews for guardians as well as with termination of guardianships.

Attorney Annen has served on the Elder Law Board of the State Bar of Wisconsin and Attorney Roetter has served on the Children & the Law Board of the State Bar of Wisconsin. They have the experience and expertise to serve you.

If you need an experienced guardianship lawyer, please contact us. We want to hear from you.

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